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Shameless Singing helps you remove vocal limitations, gain confidence, and maintain a healthy voice so that you can sing in ways beyond what you can even now imagine. Unleash your voice.

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LISA HAUPERT has the technical knowledge, creative intuition, and industry connections to help her clients become the vocal artists they want to be. She has taught hundreds of singers over the last two decades to move beyond their limitations. She digs deep to help her clients overcome not only physical and technical issues with singing and performance, but mind and spirit issues as well.

Lisa works with other singing teachers to develop their teaching and coaching skills. She also consults with teachers who have students with medical or vocal fold damage issues, and works side by side with the medical team to help rehabilitate clients’ voices.

Through the practical application of the science of vocology, compassion, humor, and intuition, Lisa has helped hundreds of clients discover the power to take charge of their singing and performance. She helps her clients find their deep motivators and signature strengths, and teaches them how to apply them to their artistic goals. Her clients get what they need and want to unleash their voice and become the best singers and performers they can be.

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