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Shameless Singing helps you remove vocal limitations, gain confidence, and maintain a healthy voice so that you can sing in ways beyond what you can even now imagine. Unleash your voice.

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LISA HAUPERT is no ordinary voice coach. She extracts the most current information from vocal science, peak performance, and human learning theory. Then she stirs together two decades of experience coaching clients and other singing teachers from around the world with empathy, humor, intuition, and compassion. She adds a pinch of industry connections. What comes out is a distillation that enables her clients to sing, perform, and succeed in ways beyond what they can even imagine.

Helping other singing teachers develop their teaching and coaching skills is another passion of Lisa’s. She leads quarterly teacher training courses and regularly offers teaching clinics that transform others’ teaching.

Lisa’s clients get what they need and want to unleash their voice to become the best singers and performers they can be.

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